Tim Peterson Promoted to Cheshire Director of Technology

Tim's early love for wires, pipes and all things computer and electronic set him on a path to become Cheshire's Director of Technology.

During any show on which Tim has worked since starting at Cheshire AV, his passion for technology comes through.

As a child, Tim enjoyed tinkering with pipes, wires and, yes, even Tinkertoys. By the time he was ten years old, Tim’s dad started introducing him to the wonders of electronics and computer programming. Using books and the internet as references, Tim became a self-taught whiz, and ended up pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from RIT.

During that time, he began working on various live events and discovered he much preferred taking a hands-on approach to technology rather than sitting behind a desk writing software. This caused him to turn down an invitation to join a Ph.D. program, and pursue his love of all things AV instead.

He got his “feet wet” in the industry by working in theaters and freelancing for Cheshire and other AV companies for a few years before joining Cheshire full-time.

When asked about his personal philosophy regarding working with clients, he remarked how much he enjoys customizing solutions for each client.

I enjoy being able to tackle interesting challenges that result from each client’s needs and successfully designing and executing a solution that meets or exceeds their expectations. Even if we’re only asked to build a video wall, I find it helpful to understand the larger context, both in terms of the client’s plans for the whole event as well as the other technical plans that other teams are working on, so that everything can fit together seamlessly once we get to the show site.”

His philosophy has proven to be successful on show after show and client after client, to the point where he thinks of his superhero persona as “The Technology Wrangler.”

We congratulate Tim on this well-deserved promotion!

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