Flawless, worry-free events. Start to finish.

We own the details. You own the show.

You have enough on your plate during your important event. Your attendees need your focus, and you need to be relaxed and undistracted for them. At Cheshire Audio Visual, we take care of all of those bothersome logistics Flawlessly.


Be more than a face in the crowd. Win the whole crowd.
When you exhibit at a trade show, you’re competing for attention in a very noisy marketplace. Your success depends on how well you stand out. Cheshire’s Exhibit Support can ensure you do that.

As an exhibitor or manager, you already have a lot on your agenda. Our team of Account Managers, Production Managers, Technical Designers, Technical Directors, and Content Experts have your back…every step of the way. We take the time to understand your vision for the experience you want attendees to have.

Our team will take that vision to heart, and work as an extension of your team to execute it seamlessly. We will get to know you and your brand. The pros at Cheshire will work tirelessly to achieve the sophisticated, unique identity you’re going for, that’ll make heads turn and grab attention.

We take care of all the logistics, so you can focus on your attendees.

Our global network of equipment and qualified labor resources give us the flexibility to work within virtually any budget. It also lets us offer you nearly limitless options throughout the production process.

Conferences and Events

We recognize that the solutions we provide must be as reliable and professional as the companies we serve. Whether your event requires a general session with breakouts, sponsored areas, panel discussions with presenters at multiple locations, or the option of allowing attendees to network hybrid presenters and or virtual attendees, we have the right solution for you. Behind every in-person, hybrid or virtual event we create, no matter the budget or scope, our team of professionals has your back. We wield the latest technology and diverse platforms to provide a perfect-for-you solution. We also bring a passion for innovation and customer elation to every project.

Technology Enthusiasts

State-of-the-art customization

Behind every event we create, technology is crucial to delivering the experience our clientele demands. We wield the latest technology and our team’s enthusiasm and talent to provide a just-for-you solution. We also bring a passion for innovation and customer elation to every project we take on. Whether we’re pre-producing your hybrid keynote presentation or supporting your in-person event, we can create, produce, and brand the experience for ultimate impact.