Discover 8 Tech Tips for Event and Trade Show AV Success to leverage the expertise of your AV Team.

Eight Tech Tips for Event and Trade Show AV Success

When you are running any type of meeting or event, or participating in a trade show, it is essential that the technology you use represent your business well. These 8 Tech Tips can guide you to Event and Trade Show AV Success.

You can have one of the most famous celebrities or fascinating experts as your keynote speaker, or have hired the best agency to create your videos and slides, but if the quality of your technology does not match or exceed the quality of the content, you’ll lose audience engagement.

Below are eight tech tips to take into consideration when you host an event or participate in a trade show to ensure success.

  1.  Vet your AV team wisely – Every AV company has, or can rent, the latest and greatest technology. That doesn’t mean they have what it takes to competently produce your event or trade show. Do they “get” your brand and vision? Have they done a production similar to your event? Are their employees service-oriented and will they be good representatives of your company when working with your VIPs, keynote and other speakers? You can assess this by looking at online reviews, reviewing their website, and asking for references.
  2. Communicate regularly with your AV Company – Get in touch as soon as possible to give them an overview of the venue and the program. As soon as possible send them the exhibit location and floor plan, agenda and speaker lineup, including an outline of what technology each speaker will be using, if you have speakers. Share your vision for the program or booth with them. Be sure to keep them in the loop when there are changes.
  3. Get the content for your program or your booth to them ASAP – This ensures they can double-check content against equipment. It also helps them see “holes” where they may need to create transitions between presentation components that you may not notice.
  4. Share information to help your tech team and venue team collaborate – Particularly at events, there is always a balance between space required to accommodate the event and space required to accommodate the audio-visual needs. This is part of the reason it’s so important to get the floor plan to the AV company in advance. It is essential that the AV team and the venue team are on the same page regarding all elements involved in the program.
    5. Don’t scrimp on the run-through – It’s important to cover the flow of the program or presentations so that the AV techs know the expectations of the speaker, transition points and cues, and the flow of the program in order to create a seamless, dynamic experience for attendees.
    6. Trust the advice of your AV team – This is their business, and they want you to have a successful show. They will know, from the size of the room (for an event) or the location (on a trade show floor), the number of attendees, and the type of media being used—slides, video, internet-based materials—what is needed to produce great results.
    7. Mic It Up – When there are any audio elements—a speech, music, or sound effects—great sound is important. Whether you have a speaker at an event or video and music at a trade show, audio is one of the most essential components of the presentation. If the microphones and speakers are not up to the task of blanketing the room with sufficient sound, your program and effectiveness will suffer.

8.  Err on the side of over-delivering – While budgetary constraints are of concern for most companies, you can’t really over-deliver on AV. Any Audio Visual company worth its salt will not try to upsell you on equipment and services you don’t need. If it is necessary to reduce the budget from the plan the AV company proposes, be honest with them, and ask for their advice on where to shave expenses without eroding the quality of the messaging.

Cheshire AV is an award-winning, full-service Audio, Visual and Lighting Company. We use the latest technology, pay meticulous attention to detail, and provide innovative solutions to bring your vision to life.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your company’s success.

If we can be of assistance on an upcoming event or trade show, please contact Justin Cheshire at or 585-325-4250 or 877-325-4250. We look forward to an opportunity to serve.

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