Tips and Tricks for Successful Remote Presentations: Thoughts on More, and Less

Cheshire's Todd Uckermark offers Tips and Tricks to help engage your online audience when you're doing any type of remote presentation.
Todd Uckermark, Production Manager

If you’ll be doing remote presentations via Zoom or other contemporary remote broadcast technologies, check out these tips and tricks provided by Cheshire AV’s Todd Uckermark, Production Manager, to help ensure your success and engage your audience.

  • One of the advantages of doing a remote presentation is that it provides the possibility of connecting with more people than if it took place in person. Due to COVID, people have become accustomed to tuning in online, so you may attract a larger audience.
  • As surprising as it may seem, a remote presentation actually gives the speaker more control over the “room” and the audience than an in-person presentation offers, if the presenter actively engages online guests.
  • A multi-tasking audience can be a challenge, but keep in mind that if the information you are presenting is pertinent and “exciting,” the audience will watch the content. If the content is less exciting (but important nonetheless) use more tools to encourage participation and engage viewers.
  • The earlier in the presentation, and the more often you utilize audience engagement activities (polls, questions, prompts, etc.) the more likely they will stay engaged.
  • Don’t forget that your viewers will be on all different size screens, so if sharing PowerPoint/Text Docs, use larger/bold fonts so the audience can read it. The same goes for graphs, maps and graphics.
  • Allot more time to interact with your audience before and after the presentation, and more time for audience Q&A.
  • Don’t make the mistake of speaking too quickly and rushing through the presentation. More clarity and sufficient time ensures a stronger delivery.
  • Don’t Hide Behind Your Slides — Turn on your webcam! The audience wants to see more of you!

And most important…the more fun you have making your presentation, the more fun your audience will have, and the more likely they are to remember the information.

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