Meet Cathy Reed, Cheshire’s New Office Manager

Cathy Reed's sense of humor and love of office administration makes her a perfect fit to handle the many responsibilities of Office Manager.
Cathy Reed - Office Manager
Cathy Reed, Office Manager

You can see Cathy Reed’s quick sense of humor behind her sparkling eyes, which makes her a great fit to be Cheshire AV’s new Office Manager.

Cathy hails from Chesapeake, VA and when not working, she enjoys crafts and horticulture.

“Last summer, I ripped out my entire flower bed. My husband wasn’t amused,” she laughs.

Prior to starting at Cheshire in March 2023, she had worked in healthcare administration since 1999. Throughout her career, she has held a variety of positions including handling receivables in one position, and being Business Manager for a health care facility from 2004 to 20016. Most recently, she was the HR Director at a nursing home.

“I was on the fence about retirement. I wasn’t really ready to retire when the opportunity to interview with Cheshire came up,” shared Cathy. “At the interview, it felt right, and I was so excited to be offered the position!”

“Now, I’m doing the type of work I like best. I can see that the company is recovering from COVID, and that they’re coming back strong. I love being in on the ground floor of their recovery, and being able to help them.”

Cathy goes on to share, “I couldn’t have found a better company to work for, and they’re a great fit for my personality. They actually care about their employees, and they have phenomenal goals and a great work environment. They have a huge commitment to everyone being successful, including both clients and employees.”

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