Chuck Aeckerle Celebrates 14 Years at Cheshire AV

Chuck Aeckerle reflects on his 30 years in the industry and 14 years at Cheshire noting the many changes he's seen in the AV world.
Chuck Aeckerle - Account Manager
Chuck Aeckerle, Account Manager

Please join us in congratulating Chuck Aekerle on his 14th Anniversary with Cheshire.

Although Cheshire has been fortunate enough to have Chuck as an employee for 14 years, we find his 30 years of experience in the industry to be invaluable. He began his career in the Union in 1992, working shows as a stage hand, then moved into audio for several years. That was followed by a number of years working at Global Events doing shows for Xerox until, immediately before coming to Cheshire, he worked at the hotel that became the RIT Inn & Conference Center. It goes without saying that he has seen dramatic changes in the industry.

“In the early days, presentations were done using slides and overhead projectors.”

He explained that those started being phased out during the ‘90s as the huge 3000 lumen BARCO projectors came in, along with Powerpoint presentations.

“Technology moved fast during the ‘90s. In those early days, projectors took a long time to focus and audio was much harder to do. As technology went from analog to digital and became more IT-based, the quality of presentations improved. Projectors became brighter and faster, and you could do more.”

As he looks back over his career, his basic client-oriented philosophy has not changed, but he notes that in the early days, those in charge of putting meetings together were often trained meeting planners, where as now, people in different roles within an organization often take on the responsibility of developing an event.

“That change has caused a shift in focus, where I’m now more likely to get involved helping clients with their logistics, as well as handling our own…which I’m happy to do.”

Reflecting on his career with Cheshire, Chuck says, “Cheshire is an awesome place to work, and it’s been a quick 14 years. Justin has been my boss during that time, and he and I have a great working relationship. We share the same philosophies and core values, and we are both client-driven. Cheshire is like a family, and we correlate that feeling with how we treat clients. We want to make sure they’re all happy.”

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