Jesse Newcomb Celebrates 20 Years at Cheshire AV

Jesse Newcomb notes that, over his 20 years at Cheshire, technology has changed dramatically, but his customer service focus remains consistent.
Jesse Newcomb
Jesse Newcomb, Account Manager

This year, we congratulate Jesse Newcomb on celebrating his 20th Anniversary as a valued employee of Cheshire. Over that time, he has seen many industry changes.

“The software and hardware have changed a lot, so many things are easier to do now. It was possible to build an LED wall 20 years ago, but it was a big deal. Back then, Cheshire would not have been able to own one, like we do now. There’s also much greater availability of high-end, sophisticated equipment. It has become much easier to produce dynamic presentations using video playback and graphic animations.”

When asked if his philosophy on work and client interactions has changed over the years, Jesse responded that it has not. “I’ve always been very customer-focused with a priority on determining needs and solving problems.” 

He points out that what has changed is that he has much broader and richer experience and knowledge to draw on than he did when he began, so that even when he runs into challenges, he can always come up with innovative solutions.

“I have a lot to be thankful for. Business-wise, we’ve fully recovered from the pandemic and we’re on track to have a strong year. Our core team is back, because they wanted to return, and we have a great team now. Our capabilities have grown, and we’ve made wise investments in new equipment. We’re in a strong position to take on whatever!”

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