Cheshire AV’s Commitment to Sustainability

Cheshire AV recognizes that event sustainability is vital and we are working to ensure that our business becomes even more eco-conscious.

In our rapidly evolving world, sustainability has ascended to the forefront of many industries. Among these, the event planning sector is undergoing a significant transformation as it acknowledges and addresses the urgent need for more sustainable practices. As an increasingly eco-conscious society demands environmentally responsible, socially inclusive, and economically viable events, sustainability has become a paramount concern, far from being an optional extra.”

– The Event Production Company

Cheshire AV recognizes that event sustainability is a vital tool in the fight against climate change, and we have begun investigating what more we can do to ensure that our business model encompasses sustainable practices.

Below are some of the steps we’ve implemented to help preserve the environment and that illustrate Cheshire AV’s commitment to sustainability.

Ways in which we practice sustainability:

  • We look to purchase equipment for which we can update the software, rather than replace the equipment. This is a win-win-win for the environment, our clients, and our company.
  • We purchase energy-efficient gear and technology to minimize energy consumption, and we source it from vendors invested in sustainability.
  • We maintain an inventory management system to track all equipment, its lifecycle and age, from purchase to recycling date, in order to ensure proper usage and recycling.
  • When equipment becomes outdated, we look to do one of three things:
    • If it is still in good working condition, but simply outdated or not in pristine condition, we give it to, or sell it at steep discount to non-profit organizations, schools or small businesses that would benefit from its use, and that do not need the state-of-the-art level of technology we provide.
    • If it is no longer usable, we either return it to the original company for refurbishment or responsible recycling, or we recycle it through Sunnking Sustainable Solutions, a Brockport-based company focused on environmental stewardship, that specializes in ethical recycling.
    • When equipment, such as our LED panels, gets damaged, we either try to repair minor damage in-house, or we send the equipment out for repair. Nationwide Video is our expert go-to company for repair of LED panels.
    • We opt for reusable materials, to reduce waste generation, and we avoid single-use materials and equipment such as disposable batteries, plastic cables and packaging materials, when possible. In fact, we still have and use some of the original storage cases, as in the ones at right, purchased by Cheshire in its early years!
Cheshire continues to use some of its original cases to promote sustainability

Our sustainable practices in which we help our clients to be environmentally-conscientious:

  • We offer digital signage which is versatile and flexible, allowing clients to avoid investing in printed wayfinding and sponsorship signage that is destroyed following the event.
  • We offer low-energy usage LED panels, which are flexible and can be configured to size and run via computers, saving on projection equipment that consumes a high level of energy.
  • Whenever possible, we use wireless technology to eliminate the need for cables and connectors, thereby reducing that waste, streamlining the set up process, and saving clients money.
  • When desired and practical, we offer projection mapping on virtually any surface, helping to provide an immersive, engaging experience and reducing the need for physical set construction.
  • We offer a variety of remote collaboration tools, enabling attendees to join from anywhere in the world, thereby reducing their carbon footprint from travel.

At Cheshire, we are committed to sustainability and are actively exploring additional ways that we can make a positive environmental impact. As we proceed on this journey, we’ll keep you posted on new steps we’re taking to make an environmental difference.

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