6 Great Reasons to Videotape Your Live Event

There are at least 6 great reasons to videotape your live events that go well beyond its use on websites, in e-newsletters and on social media.

If you’re wondering whether it makes sense to videotape your live event, check out these 6 reasons that could make it a great investment.

In addition to helping clients create content for their conferences, trade shows and live events, Cheshire also provides expertise in videotaping live events onsite.

Many organizations fear that the cost of video will outweigh the value. But from our experience, content that is captured well at live events and used thoughtfully has many uses. If you take advantage of the video you shoot at live events, it is an excellent investment.

Most businesses choosing to capture video of events use it on websites, in e-newsletter and on social media. In fact, its uses extend well beyond those platforms.

Here, we include 6 great reasons to use video from your live event that will make your investment pay off:

  1. Use prior day video as session openers – Use video to capture the excitement of the live event as well as special speakers and activities. Then showcase short segments as session openers later in the week.
  2. Uses of Keynote Presentations – Most keynote speakers will appreciate that their sessions are being recorded (Always ask permission and be sure to get a video release in advance!).  As mentioned, these keynotes can be used on your, and the speaker’s website, in social media, and in e-newsletters. Other uses include incorporating them as part of future educational programs to provide enriched topical content from an expert. Note that sometimes, the offer of videotaping the session and allowing the speaker to embed it on his/her website may be the catalyst that encourages them to present.
  3. Video as legacy – All too often, a business or association celebrates a landmark anniversary without retrospective content. Maintaining video (and photos) from multiple events over the years provides a “time capsule” of the company’s success.
  4. Use of Video for Service Providers – If you provide a service to clients, such as booth design, event and trade show management or design of event decor, video is a great way to
    • Remind clients of prior successes
    • Use it as a springboard to new designs
    • Inspire creativity in new clients.
  5. Use Video as Promotion – Put together a “sizzle” reel showing the fun, excitement and power of last year’s event.  The sizzle reel will be a great website header or promotional piece publicizing the following year’s event! It’s so much more powerful than a two-dimensional graphic!
  6. Export the Audio from the video and Create a Podcast Series or a Highlights Podcast  – Podcasts have become incredibly popular! Did you know that podcast listeners are expected to exceed 500 million worldwide in 2024?  Creating a podcast is not only relatively easy, it could help you reach new audiences that may be interested in your business or in attending future events.


Finally, keep in mind that you don’t have to use the footage in exactly the order, length and format in which it was shot. By excerpting key segments or making a mashup of highlight content, you can share the most important and educational elements, and highlight stand-out presenters or booths, while conveying the excitement and dynamic quality of the event. 

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