Innovative entertainment Ideas for unforgettable live events

Check out our 12 innovative entertainment ideas for onsite or offsite programs that will make your live event unforgettable, adding pizzaz to your party.

Most businesses and associations hold annual meetings, galas, conventions, sales retreats and corporate events at which they include some form of entertainment. While many people enjoy a good DJ or band that plays music to which  you can listen or dance, there’s a case to be made for innovative entertainment ideas that complement the theme, engage attendees, and create memorable experiences. While they may be more expensive than simply hiring a disc jockey, they don’t have to break the budget and may, in fact, pay for themselves in social media publicity of your event and the “unforgettable factor” that cause attendees to return.

Below are a list of ideas that might inspire you and put a little pizzaz in your party.

Onsite Ideas

  1. A Little Night Magic – Magicians aren’t just for kids’ parties! Many magicians perform sophisticated magic for corporate events and some even incorporate teambuilding activities.
  2. Eins Zwei G’Suffa – Across the country, craft breweries are popping up everywhere. Why not serve German fare at your cocktail reception and offer guests a taste of regional beers?
  3. Silent Disco – Silent discos have become super popular. Imagine a darkened room where attendees can dance and vibe out to the music of their choice from among a number of channels.
  4. Synchronized Swimming – If your event is at a venue with a large pool, hire a synchronized swim group to help attendees dive into the fun of your poolside cocktail reception.
  5. That’s Entertainment – One friend whose Annual Convention takes place in New York City brings in cast members from Broadway  or off-broadway shows to perform a number or two. Many fine local theater companies have cast members who’d be delighted to perform at live events to an audience that’s “up close and personal.”
  6. Wine Not? – Who says wine tastings are only for small groups? Contact a local winery, break your large group into more manageable sizes, and offer a wine tasting of regional delicacies. These tastings can also take place offsite, for a different ambience.

Offsite Ideas

  1. Amusement Park – There’s a little kid hiding in every grown up, so who wouldn’t enjoy the chance to revisit the joys of an amusement park?
  2. Get away to an Escape Room – If your attendees have been in the same meeting rooms for a long time, they’ll enjoy getting away to puzzle out some fun.
  3. Go Kart, Go! – Imagine a reception where everyone gets to let their hair down, have a drink or two, and zip around a go kart or bumper car course.
  4. Night at the Museum – Most communities have memorable museums ranging from historic houses to museums of art, history, or transportation. Museums are generally non-profit, so when you host an event at one, it’s a win-win, for both the museum as well as for your guests who get to enjoy access to the exhibits.
  5. Texas Two Step – Just outside most cities are agricultural areas, and many have barns decorated to host rustic, or even upscale events. An evening of country music, jeans and denim shirts might be just the thing to swing your attendees into a great mood!
  6. Wax Museum – Many larger cities have wax museums with celebrity figures that would make the perfect reception or dinner venue for great photos and great escapades.

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