Live and Hybrid Event Content Maximized by Using These 16 Tips!

Your live and hybrid event content can be maximized to reach a broader audience using these sixteen useful tips!

You’ve created a great live or hybrid event with fabulous speakers and great content. Registration for the event is on target. Now, you’d like to maximize used of the content to reach a broader audience.

The good news is that there are quite a few ways and multiple technologies available to maximize use of content, especially if you have a good video editor and/or writer available to assist. The following is a list of ways to expand its use, and set your organization up for success on future events, or next year’s annual function.

When thinking about the use of live and hybrid content, remember that although the event is over, the relevance of the content and interest in it lives on.

  1. Have photos taken at live events to use on social media and on your website as a thank you post after event.
  2. Use prior day’s photos to open the next morning’s session on screens while guests are arriving,  or on “centerpiece” tablets at the next day’s luncheon.
  3. Do a short written summary of each presenter’s work to share on a blog. Be sure to include a “save the date” for your next event or the following year’s event to remind prospects about what they don’t want to miss.
  4. Share speakers’ PowerPoint presentations or their videotaped presentations, and presenters’ contact information with attendees after the event, along with a note thanking them for attending.
  5. Videotape presenters and create a 2 to 3 minute highlight video of each presenter’s key point(s) to share on social media and your website. Tag the presenter on social media when you share the videos so followers will take notice.
  6. Upload the videos to youtube or vimeo and make the video sharable and embeddable. Send the link of these short highlight video pieces to presenters with a thank you and a note that they can embed the work on their website or share it in their newsletter or via social media.
  7. Use shorter segments of the above video to create a short “sizzle” reel of the event to share on social media, on the website and in your company’s newsletter. If the event is annual, use the sizzle reel in the following year’s promotions.
  8. Send the sizzle reel to your organization’s management and Board of Directors with the information and statistics on the success of the event.
  9. Do recorded audio interviews with key presenters onsite and turn the interviews into a podcast series.
  10. Excerpt important industry quotes from the speakers to be used after-the-fact on social media, along with presenters’ photo and a note that the quote was said at your XYZ Conference, lending authority to your organization as the host.
  11. Develop an article based on the key points and critical findings presented at the live or hybrid event (citing presenters) that can be submitted to an industry publication or turned into a press release or an editorial. Alternate viewpoints can make for a provocative article.
  12. Do a post-event survey and share those results with management and the Board of Directors. Use some of the quotes in the following year’s event promotions.
  13. Be sure to share press coverage with your management, Board of Directors, on your website, and on social media.
  14. Excerpt attendee feedback and/or press coverage from the prior year’s event as “Here’s what attendees/the media had to say about last year’s event” as a promotion for the following year’s meeting.
  15. Any really exciting, funny, and/or pithy industry quotes come out of the event? Create some memes for social media (recognizing the person who said it, of course).
  16. Remember that clever, pithy quote turned into a meme? Who says you can’t turn it into a tshirt for sale, that starts a collectible meme-of-the-convention t-shirt series, with a new one coming out annually? Be sure to let presenters know in advance you’ll be doing this so they vie for the honor of being the t-shirt genius.

Note that you will want to get written permission in the form of a release, in advance, from each speaker for permission to video them and share their video, audio and/or PowerPoint presentations. In most cases, they will be grateful, especially if you are videotaping and allow them to post their work or embed it on their website.

As a final note, be sure that you include your company’s logo and website, plus the name and date of the event on all video, podcasts and written pieces.

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by Carol White Llewellyn
Consultant and Creative Director of
CommuniVision Studio, LLC

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