IN Trade Shows & Events: Values of Partnership

Roseann Denoncourt of IN Trade Shows & Events trusts Cheshire AV as a partner, since their two companies share so many of the same values.

Co-Owner of IN Trade Shows & EventsRoseann Denoncourt, Co-Owner of IN Trade Shows & Events, has worked with Cheshire AV since not long after the launch of Cheshire AV.

“I first started working with Cheshire around 25 years ago in the early years of my tradeshow career, confided Roseann.

In 2012, Roseann began working with Al Mahar, President and Owner of his printing company, ImageNow, founded in 1969.  After working together for some time, they decided to start a new business together and IN Tradeshows and Events was launched in 2014.

Roseann went on to say that ImageNow and In Trade Shows & Events work “side-by-side,” and that one of the benefits of that partnership is that clients are able to have high quality print collateral created and shipped along with their exhibit booth, saving the need for multiple suppliers.  Roseann is proud to share that IN Trade Shows & Events is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year.   

When asked about her experience of working with Cheshire AV on such trade shows as the one above for which the two companies collaborated on the Paymentus booth, she responded, “Since I first began working with Cheshire, I’ve never worked with anyone else.”  

 “Cheshire AV, from their beginning, put customer service as a top priority.  They continue to expand their business by bringing in people with that very same attitude.”

She went on to explain that the core values of IN Trade Shows & Events and Cheshire—of valuing relationships and providing exceptional customer service—are the same, which is why they work so well together.  

“Although Cheshire’s focus onsite is AV, they’ll jump in and do anything we need—move boxes, set up chairs—even if it has nothing to do with AV. For shows at which they didn’t supply equipment or services, I can always call Jesse (Newcomb) for advice and assistance on a problem, and he walks me though a resolution. In fact, I’ve nicknamed them ‘my helpline,’” she laughs.  

“Tim Lockhart is my ‘go-to’ onsite. He’s great! If I had to leave a show for some reason, I would trust him with even my largest client. I wouldn’t do that with anyone else.”

Those are the kind of values Roseann trusts and appreciates in a business partner, and the reason she is grateful for the long-term relationship between her company and Cheshire AV.


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