Tim Lockhart

Tim Lockhart

Production Manager

Tim Lockhart - Production Manager

What inspired you to get into your current career? 

Aspirations in videography and post-production pulled me into this career. Between shooting home video on VHS as a kid or doodling nonsensical designs in the OG Microsoft Paint, creative work has driven me to where I am today.

What is your personal philosophy about working with clients? 

Whether long-standing or newly acquainted, my philosophy when working with clientele is to “kill them with kindness.” Developing a healthy relationship can be a process, but over the years I’ve learned that we respond most effectively through positive and transparent reinforcement. o Matter the situation, It’s important to always keep a friendly professional demeanor.

If you were a Superhero, who would you be, and why? 

This is a no brainer – I’d be Space Ghost (1994). In a world oversaturated with Marvel / DC characters, I reflect to when I was a kid when I first experienced this oddball of a superhero in the mid 90’s. Though this superhero roots back to the 60’s, my appreciation comes from his show Coast to Coast which first debuted on Cartoon Network in 1994. Space Ghost has every cliché superpower in his back pocket. Invisibility, teleportation, flight, superhuman strength, and even self-sustenance. But this isn’t what interests me. It’s the talk show lifestyle he lives. Instead of fighting the crime of evil doers, he conducts intergalactic interviews alongside his co-hosts, Moltar, a Vadar-like Magma-man and Zorak, a human sized Mantis. Both cause absolute mayhem and comedic antics as they sabotage Space Ghost and his talk show. The wit and dark humor deeply embedded into this series and in Space Ghost as a superhero is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s certainly a different approach to viewing the life of a superhero, which I certainly admire. 

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