Hybrid Meetings and Virtual Events, the next best thing to being there

COVID-19 has certainly changed the live events industry, but many organizations have pivoted to hosting hybrid meetings and virtual events, in order to share training, information, sales meetings, presentations, summits, webinars and more.

It is an exciting, evolving field, but rest assured that we’re equipped to provide consultation to determine the best solution for your organization, no matter what size or complexity of the program.

At Cheshire, we recognize that the solutions we provide must be as reliable, and as professional, as the companies we serve. Whether you require a general session type feel with breakouts, sponsored areas, and presenters at multiple locations, or the option of allowing attendees to “move” between tables for networking, we have a solution for you. To meet the needs of our clients, we’ve set up three general, but totally customizable levels of livestream:


  • HYBRID MEETING – If you’ve had to cancel your live conference, but you want to hold it online with all the bells and whistles, we have the perfect options to manage every aspect. That includes keynote addresses, general sessions, breakouts, scheduling, managing presenters at multiple locations and preproduced content.
  • VIRTUAL EVENT – Cheshire will select the appropriate meetings application and technology, depending on the number of speakers, the number of attendees and whether or not you need breakouts, to ensure your meeting goes off without a hitch.
  • AT HOME PLUS – If you’re doing virtual broadcasts from your home or office, that you want to have professional polish, we can bring our “Studio in a Box” to your door. It comes with camera, microphone, lighting, and adjustable laptop stand to optimize any room for your next presentation or panel discussion. This option includes a pre-configured system with instructional setup guide and video. Remote access to the computer allows us to address any technical issues throughout the process. All equipment is sanitized using safe, CDC-prescribed protocols.

If your organization is thinking of hosting a virtual event, we’d welcome the opportunity to work with you. Just as we do with live events, we are here to partner with you every step of the way by ensuring a professional experience for your presenters, staff and attendees.


We can bring professional livestreaming to your organization

Our Technical Specialists can come to your home or offices and quickly, easily and safely set up lighting, sound, video and any necessary IT equipment (that will have been super-sanitized), so there is no risk to you or to our staff.  Just as we work with all our clients at live events, we can manage those exact same elements for a livestream.  We’ll create a production schedule, pre-produce and curate content and make sure the equipment is set up to deliver the ultimate experience for those watching, that is as close to being in the room with the presenter as possible.

To discuss how we can bring our expertise to bear on your livestream presentation or event, contact Justin at (585) 303-7534 / Justin@CheshireAV.com to schedule a consultation.