Attendees will only see the awesome part. You.

Your attendees deserve your focus. So, at Cheshire, our team of pros takes care of all the logistics, with proven, worry-free practices that ensure success. We customize our service to your needs, from simple and basic, to complex and tech savvy, depending on your goals and your budget. Regardless of scope, you will receive unparalleled service and support, that includes everything from content development and production support to exhibitor equipment rentals. We create memorable live conferences, meetings and events for global brands and world-class associations, with the intent that your function will be one of the most talked-about events for months to come.

Boundless enthusiasm for you and your brand.

As a second generation owned business, Cheshire’s mission has always been to energize every client’s message. We promise to illuminate and enrich your image. We always strive to inspire your audience with a lasting impression.

It takes more than tech savvy to make that happen. It takes genuine curiosity. And it requires passion for live events. This is why we come to the table seeking deeper insights about your business. We’re always ready to be creative and original. So when the spotlight turns to you, we ensure your message will be the most compelling yet. It will be distinctive and  memorable. It will set you and your brand apart from the other guys…and in a big way.


Let us build you a great show.

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