Jesse Newcomb

Jesse Newcomb

Account Manager

Jesse Newcomb - Account Manager

What inspired you to get into your current career? 

I initially started in production work after taking an audio production class in college. The professor for that class was also the Production Manager for the performing arts center on campus. At the end of the class I asked if he was hiring any technicians for the upcoming semester. He hired me right away and the rest is history. I’ve always really enjoyed this work.

What is your personal philosophy about working with clients? 

My philosophy has always been to build relationships with clients.  If you get to know your clients, you begin to learn more about what their needs are and how you can help solve them.

If you were a Superhero, who would you be, and why? 

I’m not sure I really identify with a specific super hero. I do the best I can to be a super dad to my kids. I think for the most part they still see me as a hero (at least for now).

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