Jamie Cheshire business card, age 17When asked about some of his favorite early memories of being part of the Cheshire team, Jamie Cheshire’s first recollection was of accompanying his Dad to the Disney Yacht & Beach Club Resort for a show at age 13 where, during his school break, he got to hang out in the hotel.

The second memory that came to mind was of the team driving a NASCAR out of a hotel ballroom in order to strike the equipment for the event.

It’s no wonder he was excited to be part of the family business!

He began working with Cheshire Audio Visual as a gaffer, taping down the electrical power cords to all the equipment, and helping to load the shows in and out. He came to understand, at an early age, his father’s philosophy that the client is the most important part of any show, and you do whatever is needed to make sure the event is executed flawlessly.

Jamie laughed as he recalled one show where he had to run around the day before the show to find and purchase 50 wireless headphones in order to accommodate a change of plan on the trade floor, because the association wouldn’t allow sound systems on the tradeshow floor.

“You have to roll with the changes and needs, and never point fingers. It’s critical never to give up on creating the best experience possible for the client.”

When asked what he and his brothers – initially three, now he and Justin – implemented from the original company that was started by their father, he had a quick response.

“Definitely customer service, and providing the most professional and highest level of AV service possible in the industry to clients.”

He went on to share that all of the Cheshire employees are consummate AV professionals with critical and well-honed skills that go far beyond what is needed on any show. With regard to what the new generation of Cheshires have implemented, he also had a quick response.

“We stay on the forefront of technology, and we’re never afraid to try something new. We always invest in and use the best, most reliable equipment.

“We’ve always been a team that’s willing to push the envelope on what’s possible and to stretch our technical ability. We will do things other companies might not even think to try. If a client wants something crazy, we’re excited to explore the possibilities!

P.S. Above is Jamie Cheshire’s first business card, at age 17

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