The Power of Dynamic Screen Messaging

How to Achieve Impactful Results

Multiple Screens Should Mean Powerful Messaging

At meetings, conventions and tradeshows, attendees are exposed to images, messaging, video and even social media presented on large format surfaces such as projection screens, seamless plasma displays and digital LED video walls.

In ballrooms, one or more large projection screens deliver content, often accompanied by smaller screens throughout the event’s common areas, with the same or complimentary messaging and branding.

On a trade show floor, large projection screen displays or walls of plasma screens are commonly used. New technological advances have made rounded walls of curved screens a norm as well. These curved walls are created with equipment such as the new 65″ QLED Samsung monitors in which Cheshire just invested. Again, these are often accompanied by additional smaller monitors, or even touch screen displays.

Ideally, the larger the screen, the more impactful the message…if done well.

How Cheshire Synchronizes Screens and Delivers Multiple Messages

When Cheshire works with large screen presentations – whether video, photos, logos, text or social media – we rely on Dataton Watchout technology that facilitates the mapping of a limitless number of messages and motion graphics across an unlimited number of surfaces. The presentations can be synchronized so all carry the same message, or timed so messaging flows from surface to surface. In some cases, displays are set to run content independently of one another. The flow depends on the messaging goals of
the client.

In creating visual presentations, Cheshire sometimes works directly with clients and their internal graphics team and at other times, we collaborate with an events management agency. We are also adept at creating presentations internally at Cheshire. From a budgetary perspective, the more content the client is able to develop and provide, the more cost-effective it will be.

Tips for Dynamic Messaging

When creating content for large screen messaging, keep in mind that the surface area for large screen presentations is not always the typical 16:9 format found in a living room television, and often, the resolution capabilities of he projection equipment and monitors are much higher than a TV’s. These days, newer equipment will handle a 4K resolution. The closer your content comes to 4K resolution, the crisper and cleaner your messaging will appear. Bold, vivid and engaging imagery is most successful, especially in exhibit halls where competition for attention is fierce and the overhead lighting is very bright.

A few important points to keep in mind if you are using text in big screen digital signage or messaging:

  • Use large text in a color that has high contrast to the background. Light on dark, or dark on light is preferable.
  • Avoid neon colors on a dark background.
  • Use a limited number of short words in phrases, rather than full sentences.
  • Use the active rather than passive voice (i.e., Cheshire provides Audio Visual  Services rather than Audio Visual Services are provided by Cheshire).
  • Use a sans-serif font.

We Work Creatively to Achieve Desired Results

It frequently happens that a client has been “wowed” by a presentation seen at a high-end trade show – an auto show, for example – and would like to replicate its impact. Often, these types of presentations take significant equipment and resources to produce. As long as the client is open to alternate options, Cheshire can creatively produce dynamic and exciting effects that adhere to our client’s budgetary concerns, achieve content goals, and deliver impactful results to attendees.

So, if you are thinking about the next meeting, gala or tradeshow in which you would like to use big screen technology, Cheshire would be happy to do a pre-event consultation to ensure that your presentation achieves your goals and delivers the full impact you desire.

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