beMatrix LEDSkin Technology: No Limit to Innovation
Every meeting professional – whether on the meetings and special events side or the trade show side of the business – wants to make his or her event stand out in the minds of attendees and participants. After 25 years in the business, one thing we’ve learned at Cheshire is that meetings professionals are creative: there’s seldom a shortage of great ideas. Those ideas might come from pure imagination or from some concept that was seen at another show, and that the organization would like to emulate by incorporating their own brand and theme.


Earlier this year, Cheshire purchased the beMatrix 2.5mm LEDskin technology. Because we now own this equipment, it is more affordable for many more clients than when we relied on our equipment partners. We’ve found that it’s an incredible tool for exercising creativity and delivering a unique experience.


To spark your imagination for an upcoming function, we wanted to share some of the innovative and dramatic staging designs on which we’ve had the opportunity to use beMatrix:


For conferences, and trade shows, beMatrix LEDskin technology allows us to build a wall in virtually any size and configuration, to present ultra-high-resolution slides, logos, videos, presentations by speakers, or whatever is needed to engage your attendees in an immersive experience.

Example at right: TIA 3PL Technovations 2019



If you have a challenging space where a flat screen may not be the best solution for optimal viewing, or you want to present a unique visual effect, consider beMatrix LEDskin technology that maximizes space and makes viewers feel surrounded. Also consider that if you have a “plain vanilla” stage or exhibit space to which you want to add pizzazz, it can wrap around square edges or frame architectural elements to incorporate the theme, the décor, and the organization’s brand and messaging.


Example at right St. John Fisher College 50th Anniversary Event  



Not every use of beMatrix LEDskin technology needs to be monumental. It is equally effective  used as podiums, registration desks, information boards, and trade show displays to showcase your brand and your logo, or to share information in a dynamic way.


Example at right: Cheshire Booth at Connect Marketplace



When exhibiting at a trade show, there’s a “blank canvas” of space with which to work. beMatrix LEDskin is a dynamic display technology for building a space and experience that is inviting, memorable and immersive, so your product and messaging gets attendees’ full attention.


Example at right – Client: Top Shelf Exhibits at HI-TEC

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