Many people rightfully associate Rochester Brainery with a wide variety of fascinating classes, from business to lifestyle, and from media to the arts.


But Rochester Brainery Owner and Operator Danielle Raymo is making a series of enhancements that will make the space even more conducive to holding special events onsite, such as meetings, team building events, bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, small weddings, and just about any other type of event you can imagine.


“We’re looking forward to hosting more events,” said Danielle, “especially after the installation of a window in our Gallery Room is completed. We’ve also recently upgraded our speaker system and the projector in our Green Room.”


There are two rooms from which to choose for events. The Green Room can accommodate up to 60, seated or standing, based on the needs of the event. The Gallery Room can accommodate up to 44 chairs for guests.

“Because you have the option to bring in your own food, Rochester Brainery is a cost-effective option for many who wish to hold more intimate events,” noted Danielle. She add that, for those who wish to serve alcohol, the Rochester Brainery does work with a handful of caterers who can provide a temporary liquor license, insurance, and provide service.

During the week, there’s no minimum amount of time for event rental. On the weekend, there’s a four hour minimum, which encompasses the set up and clean-up of the event. For more information on space rental, click here.


Rochester Brainery also offers some unique features not found elsewhere. If you’d like to incorporate one of their classes into your event, Danielle is happy to reach out to one of their instructors to organize it.


Rochester Brainery will also create a unique design for your event invitations, based on their Green Room, or for a more full-service option, they’ll actually handle the printing and calligraphy on the envelopes, too. Rochester Brainery’s in-house photographer, Julia Merrell, can be hired to capture the special moments of your event. One final awesome amenity that you can add is locally-crafted Katboocha kombucha that can be served to your guests.


For a one-stop event planning experience for your next intimate affair, contact the Rochester Brainery by using this email form.

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