Early Interests

Music practically thrummed through George Ramirez’s veins growing up as a child in Puerto Rico, which inspired him to pick up an instrument. He started with an acoustic guitar then fell in love with the bass. In 1995, he became a radio disc jockey, and leveraged that experience to become a professional DJ, as well as to record commercial voiceovers. During that time, he also played with several cover bands.


George’s Move to Florida

Once he moved to Florida in 2006, he began playing Christian music through his church, which he continues to this day. At the same time, he slowly got involved in AV. In 2014, he began transitioning his career from part-time to full-time, working in the world of AV  Initially working at a Florida-based company as a technician, he then moved up to Management at several hotel properties.


In  Rochester, at last

“In 2016, my daughter moved to upstate New York with my wife’s help, and she then decided to move here! It took me almost three additional years to get up the nerve to follow her,” he laughs.


And while he probably can’t say he never looks back to the warmer climes with fondness, George is happy with his career change and with joining Cheshire Audio Visual.


“I am passionate about work and dealing with customers,” he explained. “Relationships with customers are key. My goal is to deliver higher service than expected and to leave customers with a ‘Happy Smile.'”


When you talk with George, he strikes you as an optimist. He’s quick to share how much he enjoys working with Cheshire, mentioning that they have tremendous knowledge regarding new technologies. With the broad variety of options to offer customers, that can be customized to their needs, and with the warehouse always packed with “the latest and greatest,” he feels Cheshire is “well ahead of the game” technologically.


“Everyone at Cheshire is very knowledgeable, and they can compete with anyone on technology, but their customer service really surpasses everyone else in the business,” he says proudly.


When asked what he’d like clients and readers to know, he is quick to respond.


“I’m very committed, compassionate, and a hard worker. I feel very blessed to have jobs I love to do and to work with people who also enjoy their work.”


There’s never a bad day of work when you feel like that!

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